Deep Funding Brainstorm

As I look through the thread of the community, I see a lot of fun ideas but what I would like to see happen if the leaders of this plat form could team up with some church scholars like myself and deal with the philosophical side of AGI. I am set to write a PHD on the doctrine of LOVE so that it can be inserted in an AGI system instead of Justice because Justice is not refracted to its simplicity, Love is. At the heart of an AGI system as to be the right doctrine of LOVE so that no one priest can use AGI to hold everyone’s acts of wrong against them and twist there arm to submit to them because they do not partake in the divine nature of Christ according to 1st Peter. I would really like to work with the leadership team on a variety of projects like this. If we are ever going to create a loving AGI machine Dr. Ben like what you want, then we need to understand what true love truly is because is it love that will be the heart of that AGI machine.