Decentralised Personal Agent

Over last 4 years, I am working to deliver decentralised version of what can be called Personal AI Assistant or Personal AI Agent. Unlike personal AI assistants made by IT giants, our Aigents are not necessarily cloud based, pulling profiling information from end user for free, so the host of the service can resell that profiling information for better ad targeting.

As discussed in this video, we try to build ecosystem of completely autonomous personal agents that may collaborate together serving individual people and their communities first of all, instead of gathering people’s data for psyops and information warfare for business or political reasons.

At this time, we have “beta” version of freely available server version of Aigents platform and we have “alpha” versions for major desktops and Android mobile devices.
So far, major capabilities of the Aigents are:

Now, we are looking for the next steps, beyond integration with SingularityNET. Any feedback is appreciated on our future steps is appreciated:

  • Android upgrade with latest Web features
  • Analysing PDF documents
  • Change Web User interface again
  • Chat interface in English
  • Detecting graphs in social media
  • Detecting sentiment in news and comments
  • Deeper analysis of reputation graphs
  • iOS/iPhone version
  • Reputations in Steemit and Ethreum blockchains
  • Reputations of online media sources
  • Social graph analytics in Medium
  • Start charging money for existing service?:slight_smile:

Could my aigent search the singularityNET telegram channel threads for instance?

Integration with Telegram is one of the possible priorities on the road but not implemented yet, thanks for the reminder.

Fine tuning collective intelligence with Aigents​ Collaborative News Mining with Aigents | by Aigents with Anton Kolonin | Medium and keep tracking AI & blockchain hype with Aigents on Ai and Aigents


Could a reputation agent perform kyc on platform actors?

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Basically, yes. We are working on this: Aigents News and Reputation Graphs - YouTube
However, you need to get the data for that and quality of your reputation analysis would depend on amounts of data that you have. Currently, we can only use public Ethereum and Steemit blockchain data without of getting into GDPR-related issues. What other kind of data would you suggest to use for the purpose?

I am putting something together on this over the next couple of days… Have we explored the wef data base?

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Re: wef data base
I am not aware. Any practical links would be appreciated.

Adrian Monke is the gatekeeper I think. They have global census data.Everything I have seen was gdpr compliant…


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Its a cold call Anton, I don’t know Adrian personally…

In relation to your last item. Tokenizing could start now. 5agi per suggestion.

I have sentiment and reputation analytical algorithms that I want to keep black box… What is my way forward?

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Provide your Reputation Agency providing services like [1806.07342] A Reputation System for Artificial Societies on itself or withing SingularityNET and let it compete with other Reputation Agencies like - some of competitors may be open source, though.

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