Critter_ An automated storyteller

Hello everyone,

Super excited to put forth my proposal for deep funding.

Some background about myself: Independant Film Maker here :)

PROJECT: Critter
An automated storyteller

A tool for rapid prototyping of film scripts to generate moodboards and previsualization concepts (storyboards, ripomatics, animatics & cinematics)

Customers: Ad Agencies, Brand Consulting/Research companies and video production houses


Ad film making consists of 3 stages:
a. Pre-production (story scripting, referencing, previz, budgetting and focus group testing)
b. Production (shooting on location with film crew)
c. Post-production (video editing, sound design, visual effects, music etc)

Critter primarily focuses on the pre-production stage (except script writing).

Pre-production process:

  1. Ad agency writes script for brand
  2. Artists visualize script into rough storyboards
  3. Agency creates moodboard(ppt) with real-world visual references and storyboards
  4. Client reviews moodboard and suggests feedback
  5. Artists revises storyboard and resends for review
  6. Post agency & client approval, artists finalize artwork and animation to create a stillomatic/animatic/cinematic

Why Critter?

The iterative nature of the visualization and feedback process significantly increases the cost and time of pre-producing the ad. Each time feedback is given, the following costs are incurred

  1. (Mis)communicating with multiple personnel costs time
  2. Non-availability of skilled personnel and budgets to execute the job in the given time frame
  3. 2D/3D animation changes costs time and money
  4. Final rendering of the visual costs time
  5. Copy/script writers often fail to produce content that can fit within the time constraints of an advertisement. Hence, a lot of script refining is needed.

PROTOTYPE: Moodboard Generator

General idea for prototype: Text to image/scene generator

[Critter_Singularity - Google Drive]

The link above contains the product flow and solutions logic document(+ open source code repository) to give a better idea of the implementation.

I am currently compiling a solutions example document with a sample script that showcases the desired output from the prototype. I have also worked on a mock ui to showcase functionality. Will be sharing them here soon.

The ultimate vision is to create a full fledged animated film from just text/script input. I understand the complexity in delivering a such a product hence i ve broken it down into modular components whose logic could be replaced with a new and improved one. The google drive document contains the schema+state variables for the final product as well.

Hoping to hear from the community, domain experts and devs on how we could go about collaborating and deploying it more efficiently.

Comments are really appreciated. Critics especially :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me! I am hanging out for an AI partner for writing SF novels . .

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Thanks Philip. Happy to help.

A huge fan of scifi too. Not sure if I’m technically qualified to be an AI partner…unless its a creative discussion on storytelling.


@fudzero ,

So do you feel like a Telegram voice chat? - might be easier to toss lots of ideas around?

What TZ are you in? (I am on Sydney, Au time).


The solution example is based on ad film script for a motor-scooter brand in India.


Few factors considered for choosing the script.

  1. It is multi-lingual (English, Hindi and Hin-glish).
  2. It includes celebrities

Background: India has 21 languages officially. Training a model focused on the primary regional languages (5-6 languages) will maximise outreach.

The objective is to identify and classify different objects(and their relationships) that is required to visualise the script.

Based on the product flow, i broke down the individual modules and their expected results.

Solutions Example

Expected Results:

  1. Moodboard

  2. Ripomatic
    slideshow mp4

  3. Animatic
    animated mp4

I created a mock ui to visualize the functionality.
Disclaimer: This is not the final design.

all mock ui images

My research into software architecture showcased the importance of class diagrams to build a scalable architecture.

Below, is my attempt at trying to identify the minimum number of modules to execute a prototype, using staruml. I’m certain there are errors regarding how information needs to flows.

staruml file:
download link (mdj file)


Im based out of India.

Would discord, google meets or microsoft teams work?

Google Meet would be my next preference . . I am around for the rest of today but have been missing a lot of sleep - generally Tue and Thu afternoons / evenings would be better for me . .