Creating Exponential Growth In The SNet Marketplace

Participation in the AI Marketplace would stand a good chance of creating exponential adoption by building an accessible and intuitive user interface, that allows any individual or company to design, create, and train AI’s that plug into the AI Marketplace being created by SNet.


Wow. Designing a simple interface would probably not be quick or easy, but creating an accessible space for defi creators to create their own AI for their project…the first entity to provide that opportunity will create exponential growth by itself.

And then hooking the AIs into the SingNet marketplace…the “App Store” or AIs….



Democratizing the knowledge of the highly skilled SNet AI team by putting that expertise into the hands of entrepreneurs would be incredible. To me the only innovation bigger than that would be actual AGI :wink:


I am in the process of building this and am on track to having an alpha version built by the end of the year.
Users can train any classification models with an architecture of their choosing.
Currently it is built predominantly for vision based tasks and will incorporate object detection and segmentation. From here it is planned to allow users to create their own architectures for bespoke tasks.
The application walks the user through all the steps from preprocessing, augmentation and training and on to deployment in our accompanying inference engine.
An option in the future could be to allow users to add their models to the singularitynet marketplace for added income if they’d like.
A partnership with singularitynet would be great.


Great idea!

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That’s fantastic news. I am so happy to hear someone is not only doing this and is close to launching an MVP. Because I am a huge fan of SNet I’d really like to see your project have a partnership with SNet.

Ben has indicated he is very keen to see something like this built. Have you reached out to SNet? The SNet VC funding afforded by DEEP (think Catalyst on Cardano) would also be something to check out. Also partnering with SNet could open the door to Singdao’s launch pad that’s set to go live later this quarter.

I’m truly looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I hope you will post here as things progress… good luck!!


I love this; what’s the interface like? Anything like Google Labs, or more of a deal to plug in variables and data and spit out an algorithm?

OpenCog needs a great front end like this so that anyone could leverage that system!

I hope you follow up on putting together a DEEP proposal (when it goes live), for funding and to get the word out to anyone who wants to use or contribute to creating this.

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Btw, since you’ve gone into the weeds, can you make any comment on the SNET outlook for natural language dev/deploy support along the lines of OpenAI’s Codex?

(Actually l, I’m particularly interested in NL assistance for AI app end-user control, where I believe ad hoc UIs aren’t going to cut it.)