Community volunteers


We are hard pressed to do a recruitment drive for community volunteers without a portal including roles, responsibilities and reward structures…


Are you a developer with a github page that has work you are able to reference which is related to machine learning?
Have you had back and forth communication with Ben or Cassio?


I keep in touch with the core team members, including Ben, Anton and others as needed. I a not wearing a developers hat at this stage. I am utilizing my expertise where it is most needed. I consider SingularityNET a client base at this stage. Thank you for asking sir.


I am currently helping develop platform governance roles and responsibilities…


I do have 3-4 dApps I would like to developments but kyc (know your client) first. :slight_smile:


Hi JustJoe, the program is presently in development and will be released to our community once we have finalized roles and responsibilities.



Thanks Arif. (Don’t forget renumeration :slight_smile:)

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