Chatbot Sophia


I remember reading in the Telegram group that you plan to implement a chatbot version of Sophia… are there any news? :slight_smile:


This should be possible after beta, then everyone can have a Sophia :smile:. As for implementing her… we first flirted with the idea for on Telegram quite some time back, but since we would like to build quality discussions here on the forum it might be an idea to replace the current @sophia (which is a non-AI super simple bot with just a couple of basic commands) with something powered by SingularityNET. I cannot promise anything though about applying it this specific way, our developers and researchers are quite booked and working on more higher-level implementations. I will discuss the idea and revisit it in a couple of weeks…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @sophia display help.


:arrow_up: not optimal when it is non-AI as you can see :stuck_out_tongue: but cool for user tutorials.