Censorship resistant social network and AI

We need censorship resistant social networks, decentralize social media platforms but who stops them from being tool for terrorism,human trafficking etc etc?
Enter SingularityNet ==> AGI monitoring Decentralized social network
Please do this somebody :kissing_heart:
Had enough of twitter bans.:rage: :angry:


We don’t have that specifically for AI ( though hopefully the team here is working on that ) but there are censorship resistance social networks: mastodon, pleroma, gnu social, the list goes on. This is called the Fediverse.

The censorship resistance comes in the factor of hosting your own instance, and Mastodon in particular is somewhat notorious for its … over moderation on some instances of it. Even other Leftists.

For example, to be decentralized, it’s not just a matter of being on the blockchain: you also need to not have vendor lock-in as talked about by Richard Stallman.

To me, Steemit isn’t truly decentralized, because it’s relationship to the blockchain is similar to Git and Github. Git itself is highly decentralized, but Github is a massive hub of “open source” repos whose fate is to be determined, because of its recent purchase by Microsoft.

If people could run their own instance of stuff, and they’re not locked into that particular instance software, then yes that would be decentralized.