Catagory Icons and landding Page


Hi :slight_smile:

I think it would be great to have specific Icons for each individual I catagories. An image that is a description visualy of what the catagory is about.

I also think that the primary landing page should be a screen with the catagories with their respective Icons showing…

Something like this…


As much as I’d love to privilege the visual—I, myself, think quite a lot more in pictures than textually—I am concerned about the possibility of losing the nice text descriptions that follow each category, helping people new to the forum quickly determine where best to fit their post or explore, without having to first click the eye candy and then discover they are in the wrong place, having to back out and try again.

If this can be accomplished with the limited screen real estate we are already working with in this forum, then I’m all for it. Will be a design challenge.

Or, perhaps, it’s better to reward more active users of the forum that will already be accustomed to the main categories, knowing what goes where, or what is where, for that matter. I use the forum quite a lot, so I am certainly biased here; I’d rather have just the icons, to be honest, but we have to think about new users here, as well.

Just my rambling thoughts on this. Maybe this is something that we could revisit after the forum matures and figures out what it is as it’s still a little bitty baby at this point.

Besides, @ibby has been threatening steroids for the last week and we don’t yet know what that will look like: