Brainstorming for success

I’d say Snet has one of the best teams in crypto, with one of the best ideas, and by far more publicity than any other single project.

So what’s the problem on price action?

I have some suggestions, but I’d be interested to hear what other people think.

Its a utility. People want action! :wink:

Killer robots vs 'lil Sofia.!.!

There is some uncertainty over the structure of SNETs platform and possible avenues of platform directions are holding us back at the moment in the Crypto space.
Real world investments and partnerships would hesitate to be part of the company that is just a crypto project. So i belive platform directions have not been finalised due to this. I feel in the near future we will have more clarity and this will bring the correct valuations of this project.


Push back from the middle…

What are some sample possible platform directions?

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The platform could expand as a lattice like structure. Agi should encompass the triple bottom line. ( man,machine and environment) I believe…