Bounties For Chinese Language?

I read that there are bounties currently being offered for various tasks. Where can I see a list of tasks, and are there bounties being given for things like translation of the website / whitepaper into Chinese?


A translation program for the website would be a big plus marketing-wise.The website would get picked up much better by Google and other search engines if world-languages were to be implemented.

German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian would be a great start!

If this idea would be considered, you might want to have a system where people can sign-up, translate pieces of text and get ratings for their work. It would be good if people can rate improvements upon the already translated text.

Although a self-regulating system can be tricky. The world languages should be monitored very carefully. This can be done by hiring professional native translators from time to time for perfection.


There will be a volunteer bounty program first focused on rewarding moderators on telegram. We already have Chinese speakers in-house for translations (not me), and I think mostly for translations in the future we would rather want a translation agency to do this to ensure accuracy.

This doesn’t mean that there will not be a more elaborate bounty program. There will be one, but it needs to be at the right time and also in line with the development of the platform. We will announce it of course when we do that, and we will also inform everyone about how the volunteer bounty program works.