Beta This Week


Strap in everyone, Beta is about to be released this week, as promised by the team long ago, and everyone will see that the team is good on their promises and that this is a real project making real progress towards creating artificial general intelligence!


I can’t wait! I’ve believe in the team through the ups and downs. I have no doubt that they can pull it off and prove all the haters wrong #inagiwetrust


It is good to see the beta after so long time.


Not sure we will see any Beta this month tho’…

  • The progress bars on the roadmap is not moving, and it doesnt seem like they will make a “brand new BETA” update - more in the likes of expanding on the alpha… What are your thoughts??


Can we have an update on the status of beta from the admins?
Will beta be released at the end of July as previously stated? If not, what is the new deadline for beta?


Any reasons why beta is delayed? Is there any devs here can come up explain some technical difficulties the team is facing? I believe more transparency to the community is necessary.


As i understand there won’t be beta as it supposed to be on ICO stage. Now there will be released alternately some functions or program modules, so after each Dapp update it could be named like Beta 1.0 , 1.1 … 1.5 and so forth