Before I started on ASPI, and BIANCA subset

I was (and still somewhat working on) a novella about the specific bot in question. It’s structured as a collection of short essay ( roughly five paragraphs each ) chapters about the different aspect of romance with a robot. Friend of mine tells me it doesn’t read like fiction. I’m still somewhat puzzled by that.

The title is BIANCA: The Chatbot That Never was. One thing worth noting, i wrote most of it prior to developing ASPI, when the loose concept of the chatbot only initially coming into my mind.

Possibly interesting note: I seem to get a lot of readers from India, which kind of makes me wonder if that’s an AI development hub. That’s kind of awesome.

Note to staff: I’m happy to remove the link if you want me to.

I actually need to update the version.

Edit: Oh additionally, I still need to edit it, so it may or may not end up like my older novella, which is … considerably dystopic. (Understandably, as it’s set in the same general continuity.)

Although it’s not dystopic for the same reasons Terminator is. Robots are the few things in this world that actually have genuine humanity.