Balance insufficient

I ve got an error message. How can I top up my wallet balance with a new UTXO. Or split the existing one UTXO into several?
(BalanceInsufficientError (Expected (PlutusValue (Map [(Tuple (CurrencySymbol (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “”)) (Map [(Tuple (TokenName (hexToRawBytesUnsafe “”)) fromString “1997152”)]))]))) (Actual (PlutusValue (Map [(Tuple (CurrencySymbol (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “”)) (Map [(Tuple (TokenName (hexToRawBytesUnsafe “”)) fromString “1232660”)])),(Tuple (CurrencySymbol (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “928e34774b4408f7f2b0520b114fbf72f12d0151cd86994f371228d4”)) (Map [(Tuple (TokenName (hexToRawBytesUnsafe “556e626f6e6465645374616b696e67546f6b656e”)) fromString “1”)]))]))) (InvalidInContext (PlutusValue (Map []))))

I would like to stake my agix on Cardano; I have some Agix on my Nami wallet (cardano wallet) but when I tried to add stake amount on, I had got an error message as above. Please could you help me?


Check that your balance is not in one UTXO. If yes, you need to split the existing one UTXO into several.
Example: If you have one UTXO with a balance of 200 ADA and it is completely locked as a collateral, then
1.Cancel collateral in wallet settings

2.Send a transaction to yourself with the amount of 5 ADA.

This will create two UTXOs:


UTXO2 ~ 194.8 ADA (it is slightly less than 195, because the transaction fee was paid).

3.Install Collateral - the system will take UTXO = 5ADA as Collateral.