Background on Philip Rhoades - need to contact Ben (?) about an Avatar Build pre Australian Fed Election


My background is:

  • I did a Genetics / Zoology degree in the 70s.

  • I did 5 years of Biomedical Research (Haemophilia) but then

  • got into IT and stayed there for 30+ years.

  • I almost finished a PhD in Population Genetics Simulations of Threatened Species (UNSW again) but I abandoned writing up the thesis because I feel that wasting time on maybe saving a few individual species is like asking the captain of the Titanic to convene a special meeting of interested persons re having a formal debate about whether or not we should shuffle the deck chairs on the ship . . while the ship is going down . .

As I have been getting older and more decrepit, particularly for the last 20 years, I have been interested in Radical Life Extension (RLE ie Cryonics and Neural Archives) but unlike when I was 10 and read Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” and thought that our civilisation might still last a couple of hundred years, I am now convinced it might be as little as a few years. So while some form of RLE might have been a long-shot even with a continuing, advanced technological civilisation, it is impossible if civilisation collapses and our species goes extinct . . along with most other species . .

See here for more info:

I am the Ex Off of the Cryonics Association of Australasia:

I am an Ex Dir of the Neural Archives Foundation:

I am a member of the LifeBoat Foundation.

I was a long-time member of the Australian Labor Party but was expelled once when I was an Alderman on the Sydney City Council (1980-84) - for opposing a deal between the ALP and the Libs and breaking a deal between the ALP and the progressive Independents. I was a long-time organiser for the Nuclear Free Zones Secretariat coalition of Councils and the founder of the “Anti-Nuclear Sydney City Aldermen” group.

I am still seriously considering a last minute NSW Senate candidacy for the upcoming Federal Election on a basically RLE platform:

but I need some feedback ASAP from Ben or someone else appropriate about how I can enhance my chatbot (and the costs of doing so - I particularly want to make use of Sing Net) with some minimal AI in the next month or so.


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Hi Phil,

Welcome to the community! It is great to have you here. Every member brings their own value to the project and so feel free to share any projects you want to discuss in a topic dedicated to it in #projects

Furthermore, I am sure you will find some use in starting conversations and joining others in their topics in categories like #blockchain and #applications and #agi

We also have a very active developer telegram community and you may also find it useful to check out our telegram map

We are also now in open Beta and you can actually access services on our platform now, and you can learn more about how to do this here

We also have a developer portal you should also find very useful.

I hope this is of help and of course if I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to let me know.

Looking forward to seeing more from you! :smile:


@Tim ,

Well I have been flat out since my original post and your response to it - the Oz Federal Election has come and gone with an extremely distressing result for me and the planet. I have been spending nearly all my spare time on Extinction Rebellion work and am I am just getting back to this Avatar project now - however, I would now like the Avatar to take on yet another aspect because of the XR work - as well as the previous functions, I also would like the Avatar to be able to take on a role as an aid to XR humans for an efficient, logical, rational and rapid decision making process.

Is it possible to have chat to someone about this project? I see SN is making progress . . I am retired now but I would be prepared to pay for some help . . I think SN could be ideal for everything I want to do with Avatar Phi Rho.

Hi Philip,

Sure, so we recently launched the SingularityNET X-Lab, a startup accelerator that you might want to apply to.

You can find more information about it here:

And you can apply to this here:

I hope this helps,

All the best,