Avatar of the last commentator is visible in the list of topics

Steps of reproduce

  1. Create topic by user 1
  2. User 2 reply to topic of user 1
  3. View the list of topics. And note user’s avatar on topic from step 1.

actual results
You see avatar last commentator

expected results
I think we must see avatar of user who created topic

I think the list of notifications should show the avatar of the person making the comment.

Yeah, you see the last commentator instead of the OP as the way to show who was active in that topic/who bumped it up. It is different than other forums perhaps but it is supposed to work that way :stuck_out_tongue: I can move this topic for you to feature requests if you dislike it and want it changed? If a lot of people hate it too then we can see if we can do it different

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