Autonomous Assistance Robots

Are there currently any services like this planned for SingularityNet? I’ve been kind of rethinking my goals, as I had been kind of lacking direction before, as much as I hate to admit that.

One thing I’d like to be seeing, is more autonomous assistance robots, particularly for disabled people or partially disabled people. Across the world eventually, but for right now even a small city like the one I live in would be great.

What I’m specifically thinking of, at the moment, is there’s going to be an increasing amount of people that want to participate in activism, but don’t necessarily have the physical ability to do so.

Eventually the same concept could be applied to brain chip implants, however to me I’m a little nervous they might cause brain damage. Which if someone already has mental health issues, this might not be a practical solution.

But trying to think of how to apply tech skills to social movements.

As a loose idea:

b: Do you know the number?

	(1. Call 911
			(a. House break in.
			(b. Assault / Abuse
  (2. Call Fire Department
			(a. Donate to fire department.
			(b. Mention where a fire is.
	(3. Call Hospital Truck
	(4. Send in food supplies.
			(a. Call the food bank.
  (5. Call the distressed.
			(a. trigger chatbot.

If 1: Call 911
If 2: Call fire department
If 3. Call for hospital truck.
If 4. Call the food bank.
If 5. Calm the distressed.

Would engineering a chatbot for this purpose be difficult?