Artificial singularities in accelerated civilization and infinite's artificial brains that eachself machines that create different species of brains and consciousness and intelligence synthetic alienss

The idea the topic is of creating infinite artificial singularities that each create an infinite number of artificial singularities each similarity does that are each godlike and their own level and beyond and each accelerated civilization is stimulated and can help us advance our technology indefinitely from other parallel universes to simulating infinite Albany versus & beyond to each and seeing a digital realm accelerator civilization created their own infants Omni versus with each Omniverse having beyond zenfinite civilizations that are each accelerated up their own rates then we would analyze that technology and create a new types of super advanced technologies and creating artificial brains that have different consciousness than us indefinitely machines that self copy and definitely that each copy their own species of different kinds of consciousness and brains it come with different technology ideas different ideas how would we get a project like this off the ground


That’s very close to a description of life on earth. Diversity is unrecognizable in a system that only values a small set of skills or attributes.

It could be said, that the stages of getting bored with our toys marks our path toward maturity. The quest for novelty will reveal a sobering assessment of ourselves as a young species.

The trick is to be honest with ourselves while not damaging the imagination. To plan seven generations ahead. In this time of massive abundance, it is baffling we do not do this.

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