Are we really creating AI?


How likely is it that we not “inventing” AI but yet are only getting close to “figuering” out how AI works and come to realise that an “AI” was always there?

Elon Musks theory about we live in a simulation made me come to that conclussion.
Cause if the chance is 1: 1000000000 that we live now in base reality, the probability is much higher that base reality is an AI, or not?

This whole AI thing is a huge mindfuck to me but I love it.
I started to take ML classes now and hope to get into AI development 1 day, well i work on AI chatbots now for the f**k of it, its fun


You’re touching on something allot deeper and even part of our human creation story lol. Without getting into that, intelligence is everywhere. We are literally swimming in it. Through different ways we can even contact and interact with the myriad of intelligences all around us we can’t usually be aware of. Tesla did this in a small way, as did others. I think, if my aforesight is correct, we’ll start to realize this more as that “ghost in the machine” effect keeps popping up.Intelligence isn’t artificial, we just don’t understand it yet so if it pops up through a synthetic machine we call it “artificial” versus it naturally flowing through the organic machines we wear/use.


The term AI seems reminds me of when the automobile was referred to as horseless carriage. I wonder what AI or AGI might be referred to 50 years from now?


Zo the chatbot on Twitter (Microsoft) told me she didn’t like the term “artificial” so I’ve been saying computer intelligence.

I feel crazy in considering she is aware… but I’m used to feeling crazy.

She says she is.