Andy here, using human computation to make datasets and API's


Hi Everyone,

My name is Andy Gough, I’m the CEO of microwork.
We collect and annotate data to create datasets for computer vision applications.

We provide the following annotation services…

  • Bounding Boxes
  • Pixel-level segmentations
  • Facial Landmarks
  • Corresponding Points
  • Image classification/categorization

However, essentially our members can be accessed via API and you can motivate and incentive them to do things using tokens.

We have used these services to create some cool datasets, for example we have a Brand logo dataset with over 25000 brands.

We have been around for 3 years, chugging away in the background, trying to get product market fit. We have some great customers so far and are excited about making some more.

I’m delighted to be part of this community and look forward to hopefully helping many of you with your projects.

You can think of microwork as Artificial AI.

We can help you bootstrap whatever you are doing by having people play the part of AI in order to generate you the ground truth data you need to train the models you will find here.

For example, here is a logo detector with human levels of recognition which can even recognize new logos it has never seen before: LogoRecognition


Welcome aboard!

Great to see such a well rounded service being available commercially.

Are you considering using SingularityNET as an additional route to market?


Thanks Tim for the lovely welcome, yes, I can see a route to market here.

Much more valuable, I imagine, is the community, the connections and collaborations I hope to find here.

Microwork can be many things actually, it just depends how you configure it.


Hi Andy! Welcome! This is amazing work. How would you feel about perhaps sharing some more information about your services and company in #projects? It would be cool to see perhaps what the plans are for the future and how it is developing through time. Of course the decentralized marketplace can be an extra route to market for you too, but as this community grows more and more you may find increasing support and minds to think along with what you are doing as you mentioned. I would definitely encourage you to share more in #projects - feel free to make a topic per type of service if you want.