And so... the whole family here yet?

Hey folks! Everyone in yet? By all means, come on in, pull up a chair, set up your profile, make yourself at home… for this is indeed YOUR home.

This small corner of the web is where a lot of great things will undoubtedly happen!

The community channels on telegram were great, they had a certain appeal, right? The whole vibe I encountered in the community reminded me of countless sleepless nights spent chatting on Internet Relay Chat aka IRC back in the 90’s. Before the internet was a big thing. Dialup modems, faceless usernames. Where total strangers and people you’d never met IRL became friends, just because we “vibed” together typing crazy stuff. We managed to somehow get the same vibe going on telegram, I find.

But it’s time to move on, and hopefully bring in here the cool vibe and close-knit community feeling, so that we can make this forum the best place ever. We’re geeks, we’re visionaries, we’re passionate, we’re different. We’re the SingularityNet Community.

There is going to be tremendous value in building lasting, permanent and easily searchable archives of our debates and discussions here, as opposed to the old telegram platform. And perhaps, looking back, in a post-singularity world, our forum will be seen as a historical reference, a snapshot of what early “believers” were thinking… and how they were living.

Meanwhile, on a day to day basis we finally have a functional resource and the right tools to get some exciting projects and ideas going.

So guys, let’s make it happen. So many familiar faces already! I’m kinda thrilled to see a lot of you going more public, opening up with real photos of your true selves. You’re all awesome, which is why this place is so awesome. In a strange way, this community feels a bit like a second family to me. So there, welcome home :rofl::rofl: