Alpha Kovan AGI


I am trying to follow the blog post from malexaffey on requesting services from the Alpha. However, when I try to request Kovan AGI from the AGI faucet, the status is constantly “loading” and never resolves. Is this not supposed to be public yet? Am I doing something wrong?



Hi, thank you for your question. I will test it now and come back to you in a bit.


You are not doing anything wrong, it seems it is not connecting as I get {"error":"Not found"} in my console. I have passed this issue to the platform team to resolve. :slight_smile:


Thanks ibby!


The issue lies within the Backend API request -

Up to the production API, everything looks good, but afterwards, the bucket isn’t accessible, not even, when changing the bucket region from the config.JSON file. Maybe, the quickest thing to do is to do is to provide another valid path to the S3 bucket.

Please, provide a valid workaround or fix the issue in a timely matter, because this is a show-stopper for evaluating your solution.
Thank you!


Was the issue resolved within the past 5 days? Or is it still broken?


The transactions are working now. Thank you for the assistance!