Ai vs human, what are the afraid?

Why people are so afraid of AI?
My opinion is simple, people are afraid of themselves, grid, lack of transparency are just 2 of the feelings.
People need to believe first in us, as people who really matters with humanity and evolution.
How could we do that?

i agree that people are afraid. I think they are afraid of the unknown. Humans are afraid of what they cant control, and sometimes humans cant control themselves so they are afraid of that. The old conceptual saying of “the fear of the unknown” still holds true. I also think the creators of AI are also afraid but they wont tell you that because they want to see their creation come to fruition. Some of them anyways. Fear is temporary though. I just think we need to realize that, as even in the worst of it all, we are put in bad situations, we fear it for a while. Just enough time for us to conceptualize what we are in, and then we go into survival mode. So fear? well its a given in the human construct.

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Yes afraid is a feeling that maintain people and animals alive, but afraid it can not be a wall to evolution, it’s should be an obstacle to cross.
Imagine if the Wright brothers don’t ever tried to fly, today mankind never reach Mars.