AI interface with LISA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna

The European Space Agency has ranked the LISA project as it’s highest priority, and is inviting scientists to join the consortium.

Launch is set for 2034. I personally have a high degree of anticipation for this tool to become operational. I have been thinking about this for some time. If Singularity decides to get involved, if I may , suggest a name for the AI. Paul. After Paul Dirac.
A quote " At the beginning of time the laws of Nature were probably very different from what they are now. Thus we should consider the laws of Nature as continually changing with the epoch , instead of as holding uniformly throughout space-time. This idea was first put forward by Milne, who worked it out on… assumptions… not very satisfying… we should expect them also to depend on position in space, in order to preserve the beautiful idea of the theory of relativity [that] there is fundamental similarity between space and time."

I also thought it would be cute to think of Paul & LISA as a space couple, :couple: sent out to explore that similarity between space and time. I am often reminded of Tesla’s suggestion, that when science begins to explore the invisible, a whole new frontier of exploration will begin. My own studies tie into this, as the questions I am left with after a dozen years or so, lead me to this project. Of all the explanations available to my understanding, as to the cause for the anomalies I observe, none seem to be so intriguing as gravitational waves and magnetic wave forms.


The day of the ears. Munch was born. This is not an accident or coincidence.
The origin of the 20 day set, is still illusive. the only thing I know, is that cultures and peoples around the world have it, and have had it for as long as we have recorded history.


Rayleigh also born on the day of the ears. As was Roger Payne who famously explored whale songs and echolocation of bats. It goes on and on.

Some mysterious invisible permeating force, is silently suggesting our ideas, personalities, movements, and destinies. It is trackable, observable, and catalogued by observing changes correlated by date of birth of the human species. It applies without fail, across all sciences and arts.
Whatever it is, and I propose that even if it turns out to be something other than gravitational waves, I believe LISA will find it or lead us closer to it. And when that happens, it is imperative that the knowledge is open source, and decentralized. Of this I am certain.
I’ll leave it with Homer fishes with Gehry. Both born during Pearl decan, Feb 19 - 28.


Winslow Homer February 24

another from Homer
He paints this over and over.

Frank Gehry builds it. Feb 28

Our biological sensors are permeated at birth with a force related to space time. We cannot wash it off, deny it, or escape it. We instead, should find the source and study it , in order to advance our understanding of ourselves.

Thank you for your time, I hope you take the project under consideration.


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Hi…Detection of such objects would provide exquisitely precise tests of Einstein’s theory of gravity. There may also be waves from unanticipated or exotic sources, such as backgrounds produced during the earliest moments of the universe or cusps associated with cosmic strings.

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The results are sure to include many unexpected results involving multiple areas of study.

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Really interesting, thanks for sharing

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I see the project as a convergence based in need that spans multiple areas of study. For LIGO or LISA , the area of need is Characterization and Calibration for the Detector. I see this as comparable to the scientists looking into a microscope for the first time, and imagine the giddiness, as they try different materials , each one with it’s own set of miraculous discovery.

For AI and in particular Singularity, I see it as both an application reaching far into the future, and access to information which would help guide the calibration and characterization process, while simultaneously exploring primal organizational patterns critical to holistic knowledge.

My study is a niche field that explores recurring shapes and themes in mainly human behavior and products related to time. There are perhaps a handful of people who even engage in the study, and of those, even fewer who have computer access or even electricity. This was not always the case, as the sets of established templates have always existed.

Perhaps the best modern example is Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields, or Morphic Resonance. From the perspective of biology, genetic variants do not account for all adaptations or varieties.
A quote from the intro, “Morphogenetic fields are not fixed forever, but evolve. The fields of Afghan hounds and poodles have become different from those of their common ancestors, wolves. How are these fields inherited? I propose that that they are transmitted from past members of the species through a kind of non-local resonance, called morphic resonance.”

Here, the suggestion of non-local resonance absolutely ties into my own study and that of Dirac and LISA. That these patterns are fluid and change with time and space. I believe the project will find that as we travel through space and time, the patterns of life forms will be found to be changing in direct correlation to the data from the detector. It will therefore not only provide essential tools for calibration and characterization, but also be in place to make use or application of the data. If not directly exposing unified theory then certainly performing as a precursor.

One of the first correlations (index) I found, was between a set of 36 images from 500 CE and the descriptors of I-Ching hexagrams 21 - 56. Though not entirely image based, this provided invaluable data to continue to find other correlates. The thematic correlations combined with the imagery, seal the deal.

One example: The Ninth image of the set precisely matches the descriptor from the ninth hexagram. This provided a calibration point, as both systems were one off, out of 36. It seems common place for culture to purposefully dislocate one point of order in the set. I attribute this to standard practice as sort of a built in protection or disguising of the information. The Egyptian correlate to this particular decan image was also found to be missing from the Egyptian calendar , though had previously been recorded by Vivant Denon, upon it’s initial rediscovery.

Image of Pheonix - representing June 11- 20. Ninth decan of 36.

And the 6th line from the descriptor for I-Ching hexagram 29.
The ninth of the count between 21 -56.

"6. The topmost SIX, divided, shows its subject bound with cords of three strands or two strands, and placed in the thicket of thorns. "

So this goes on and on throughout the correlation and also proves to be solid in the correlations of other sets spanning multiple cultures and thousands of years. The first 20 hexagrams precisely correlate with the 20 days of the Maya depicted by glyph on the Aztec sunstone.

So, then this transcends across other areas such as the periodic table and provides a numerically sequential , thematic, template for the study. This can then be applied by observing events and products, such as that of artists, who I see as antennas for space time providing a constant stream of data. I include scientists as artists, and they provide the same thing with their products.

Taking it to a more holistic finding, we can examine hexagram # 47, which correlates with the following, In the periodic table , Iron. In the Hindu set, # 28. In the 36 Views of Mt Fuji set # 26. At this point in the progression, the numerical differences are attributed to the offset as explained and the additional anomaly which provides calibration across all fields " the four warning decans" which are 4 specific ( in the case of the I-Ching 3) decans which are removed from the order and placed at the end of the sequences in all sets.

It is Santa Claus. The Hindu image for December 21- 31. Dated approx. 500ce source.
Note the white gloves, heavy load, white ball on top, and the male theme of work and attachment to sky. Chains.

Excerpts from Hexagram #47.
“For the firm and correct, the (really) great man, there will be good fortune. He will fall into no error. If he make speeches, his words cannot be made good.” Santa is not a public speaker. He has three words. Ho, Ho, and Ho.
“shows its subject with bare buttocks straitened under the stump of a tree. He enters a dark valley, and for three years has no prospect (of deliverance)”
" There come to him anon the red knee-covers (of the ruler). It will be well for him (to maintain his sincerity as) in sacrificing." Specific reference to red or scarlett is not commonplace in the hexagrams.
“shows its subject proceeding very slowly (to help the subject of the first line), who is straitened by the carriage adorned with metal in front of him.” The Sleigh.
“He is straitened by (his ministers in their) scarlet aprons. He is leisurely in his movements, however, and is satisfied. It will be well for him to be (as sincere) as in sacrificing (to spiritual beings).” He is invisible. And Scarlett aprons.
“shows its subject straitened, as if bound with creepers; or n a high and dangerous position,”
from the footnotes…
"The character Khwăn presents us with the picture of a tree within an enclosure; ‘a plant,’ according to Williams, ‘fading for want of room;’ ‘a tree,’ according to Tai Tung, ‘not allowed to spread its branches.’ " Always with a tree.
“That it is the ruler who comes appears from his red or vermillion knee-covers, different from the scarlet knee-covers worn by nobles, as in paragraph 5. Let 2 cultivate his sincerity and do the work of the hexagram as if he were sacrificing to spiritual beings; and then, if he keep quiet, all will be well.” Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Now the correlate from Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mt Fuji.

As the Chinese are expert minimalists with the I-Ching, and the Hindu images are more singular normally, Hokusai here shows complexity and detail, as everyone knows Krampus comes with Santa and we have two men sharing the load. Tying the shoes, is the most often used excuse to escape burden, and the sack appears quite heavy. The other characters are actually a blending into the next two decans, but also descriptive of hidden identity. Hokusai uses this type of descriptive focus by various figures accurately throughout the set.

By function, no other element carries the load for humanity than iron. In construction, we call it 'load bearing". We could not build to such heights without it. Thus, it transfers to symbolism as the first decan of Capricorn, the flying goat thingy, Cardinal earth.

Flight is highly associated with this Decan. As we observe the symbolism convert into real time events we find little reason to attempt to imagine coincidence as anything but lack of knowledge or correlation.

The Rutan Model 76 Voyager was the first aircraft to fly around the world :flushed: without stopping or refueling. It was piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. The flight took off from Edwards Air Force Base’s 15,000 foot (4,600 m) runway in the Mojave Desert on December 14, 1986, and ended 9 days, 3 minutes and 44 seconds later on December 23, :flushed: setting a flight endurance record.

And sometimes toys - Masaya Nakamura Father of Pac Man born in Rope Decan Dec 24.

Stan Lee - Creator of Iron Man - December 28.

So, this is one example of the correlation process of one aspect of one cycle. There are many cycles of time, and many considerations of space. When these are taken together, it becomes like chemistry, in that the blending of elements into compounds is very much like calibrating space time. The numerous components of multiple cycles, observed and analyzed to predict compounds. Just as Mendeleev was able to predict the existence of elements based on a simple correlation that provided a template or pattern, such is the work that is ahead.

There is no field of study, that has waited longer for the tools now now available. It is a race horse pushing against the starting gate. The capacity for interaction by multiple areas of interest such as artists and scientists is like a heavy wagon with the axels buckling. And likewise, the potential for misuse is like Krampus, and it would be irresponsible to ignore the potential negative aspects resulting from the misuse. So, the intention is to seed it in the best possible place.

Taipei 101
Opened - Dec 31. It has a unique feature recognizable in space time.

Ropes, and a ball. Lot’s of intentional symbolism was incorporated into it.

On the aspect of the more regrettable events that must be studied for calibration, there are numerous examples. One of the more profound , highly precise, recent examples is the correlation between the events of Sandy Hook primary school shooting and the Attack at Chenpeng Primary school. both occurred on December 14 2012, just as the day was beginning, on opposite sides of the earth, 12 hours apart. Examine the similarities. Sometimes Krampus comes just before , and it would be nice if we were more prepared. We have regressed in this category as the ancient knowledge passed along, indicates. This twin event was predictable.

The data from the 11 events reported from LIGO have some interesting results. At this point, the number of events is very low, and I am only analyzing it from a basic perspective. However, even at this cursory glance, I see the possibility for a predictive model.

Of the 20 days, 5 each correspond to 1 of 4 elements. Air, Fire , Earth and Water.

Of the 11 events - 82% (9) were recorded on Fire and Water. Only 2 for Earth, and 0 for Air. This corresponds with the functions.

Of the 11 events - 4 of the 20 days in particular account for 73 % of the events.

Due to the small amount of data, it is difficult to assess the individual day information, but it can be said, that the particular 4 days with multiple events, are not surprising, and instead are intriguing. Even a small number of events on the next set of data, will be very useful.

From the primordial perspective of simply examining the elements associated with the days, it can be predicted that future recorded events will not fluctuate beyond expected rates , so Fire and Water will hold at 80 % , + or - 10 %. This means 10 particular days out of 20 will account for the majority of events recorded.

W - Water (4), F - Fire (5) , E - Earth (2) , A - Air (0) Day names are listed with #'s 1- 13 which along with the 20 days, make up the 260 day calendar. #1 indicates the beginning of a trecena or set of 13.

GW150914 - Sept 14 2015. - 13 Noj - F
GW151012 - Octo 12 2015. - 2 Kan - F
GW151226 - Dece 26 2015. - 12 Ajpu - W
GW170104 - Jan 1 2017 - 7 E - W
GW170608 - June 8 2017. - 9 Tzi. - E
GW170729 - July 29 2017. - 8 Imox - F
GW170809 - Aug 9 2017 - 6 E - W
GW170814 - Aug 14 2017. - 11 Noj - F
GW170817 - Aug 17 2017. - 1 Ajpu, - W
GW170818 - Aug 18 2017. - 2 Imox - F
GW170823 - Aug 23 2017. - 7 Kame - E

I would also note that a particular time frame in the data ( - Jan 7 - 14 week 6 and 14 - 21 week 7) also shows correlation with other more complex sets of data, and will be compared when the next set of data comes in.

11 events listed by Day and element of the 20. The # at the left is the place of occurrence for the particular day in the 20 day cycle. Worthy of note in this set, Day #'s 10 and 11 , and 15 and 16 , are considered twins in multiple correlated systems. Of the days which received 0 reports, none are considered twins.
#2. W - E - 2
#7 F - Noj - 2
#10 W - Ajpu - 2
#11 F - Imox - 2
#15 F - Kan - 1
#16 E - Kame - 1
#20. E - Tzi - 1
#1 A - Batz - 0
#3 F - Aj - 0
#4 E - Ix - 0
#5 A - Tzikin - 0
#6 W - Ajmaq - 0
#8 E - Tijax - 0
#9 A - Kawoq - 0
#12 E - Iq - 0
#13 A - Aqabal- 0
#14 W -Kat - 0
#17 A - Kej - 0
#18 W - Qanil - 0
#19 F - Toj - 0

The simple idea being, that just as the human body can be broken down into specific %'s of periodic elements, so too, can events be broken down into specific %'s of the primordial elements of time. This applies to the micro and the macro, es lo mismo.

For color coded model of the 20 days in circular format - Artstrology Calendar Stone

If you haven’t seen this image, it is the best image of deep space so far. The full res image is 1.19 GB.
You can zoom in on Galaxies …:rocket:

So, we are creeping toward a singularity of astronomy and ancient science, and it is accelerating.

Here is the paper.

How can ancient glyphs and calendars be merged with this information when both vectors are coming from different pathways ? Neither understands the others language.
I fully realize this material looks like gobbledegook and a foreign language, but imagine how differential equations look to those who never see them. And even worse , lines of code. It is an insurmountable pile of symbols and glyphs and shapes.

But, nonetheless, I maintain the singlularity of these sciences is close at hand. LIGO is the catalyst and LISA will be proof. The language barriers will be overridden by the correlation of data. The predictability of results will exceed the scientific standard.

One application of this potential AI is predictive policing. I am not speaking of jacking up some guy about to rob a house, but of mass casualty events. The next thing that will be sought, after realizing different areas are affected differently, will be which ones and when. And then the How will they be affected.

So, the world has been mapped by different means, and each set of maps displays a different view, such as topography or highways. But the map nobody sees is the one that studies energy flows and locations of various propensities and impacts on human behavior. (no you cannot catch up using social media) Two good examples of twin events are the “Night of the Grizzlies” and the Sandy Hook and Chenpeng attacks. The grizzlies would not likely be preventable, but reduced, but the elementary school attacks would have been preventable.

In chemistry it is known what happens if we plop a load of Caesium into water. It is the same in calendrics knowing what locations will experience changes at a given time. What changes and when. Events can be analyzed to determine if they were preventable. Locations can be ascertained using basic data. When the two are coupled, it can be combined with sensors to anticipate location and severity, just like a thunderstorm. Omar Mateen and his rampage were predictable. The location may have been nailed with a tool like LISA combined with basic knowledge.

It is uncomfortable for people to consider themselves predictable, but that should not be a blockage to achieving knowledge. I can say with a certainty, that in the not too distant future, a persons location can be determined to a specific degree, by simply using date and location of birth. It has been done in the past.

The human mind , even a whole batch of them, cannot process this data. It requires a tool. That tool would not be a toy, and it would require decentralization and international oversight to be administered.

With input from LISA and information of locational calendrical data, combined with AI and a processing filter, mass casualty events can be prevented. But on to the next problem after that.

What will be found , which already is known, is that certain types of events will elude prevention. Meaning that , say a hit comes in for a 95% possible triple homicide and a team is sent to prevent. Then the person is detained and it is found that indeed they were intending to do just that. Ah ! The glory moment at the presser in the morning. Then two days later, a triple homicide of a similar type eludes detection and is therefore not prevented. So, I am not speaking specifically here, but there are certain events that are like lightening. You can deflect the charge , but the cloud must seek the ground nonetheless. So, the sooner we get going, the more accurate it will be.

Human beings (and all life) and their thoughts and actions, are susceptible in peculiar ways, to a predictable set of wave forms. It requires basic information, calendrical knowledge, a detector in space, and a machine capable of processing the combined data. It’s going to be easier than we thought because we didn’t entertain the idea.

We ask people to swallow Barium to see their digestive tract. June 5th.