Ai - drones to help Ukraine R.S.U., not just Dominos pizza logistics

Drones are being used to help deliver Medical + Emergency Supplies to folks in Ukraine.

I know of a company that was just hired “Draganfly Inc” (Nasdaq: DPRO) by the R.S.U.
[ caveat emptor on the stock - this is not solicitation whatsoever - they lose money fwiw],

might be an opportunity for SingularityNET to help DPRO or partner with R.S.U. directly.

Medical Drone Ai - deliver Emergency stuff via smart Ai - can’t be much different than helping Domino’s optimize delivery service?

Draganfly manufactures & sells commercial unmanned aerial vehicles worldwide (UAVs), such as quad-copters, fixed wing aircrafts, ground based robots, and hand held controllers, as well as SOFTWARE used for tracking, live streaming, flight training, and data collection. Custom engineering and training, simulation consulting, and flight training services,
as well as wireless video systems. Serves public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, and mapping and surveying markets. HQ’d Saskatoon, Canada(2018est); about $40Mmcap, and last year did ~$7M in annual Revs (+30% growth), has $28M cash. Negative cash flow though, so don’t go run out to buy their stock.

Recently they received an order for its Medical Response & Search Rescue Drones for immediate deployment with Revived Soldiers Ukraine (“RSU”).

Draganfly will provide an immediate combined total of 10 North American-made Medical Response & Search Rescue Drones. In addition, Draganfly will be donating three drone systems to RSU. The total initial order size (subject to conditions) is up to 200 units.

Drones will be used to access hotspots and provide humanitarian aid within major Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Kharkiv. Draganfly’s proprietary pathogen and surface spray is an innovative organic sanitizer capable of up to x24hr pathogen sequestration and kill-efficacy.

Delivered using patented drone technology, event crews can thoroughly spray stadiums,
arenas, and other large venues in x4 to x6hrs.

Thinking SingularityNET could reach out to the R.S.U. since they are keen on hiring these Canadian guys from Draganfly, or SingularityNET can nudge Draganfly to see if their “software” perhaps needs an AGiX upgrade.

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