Ai chatbot

Hey amazing people of this community.

Need a guide and some info.

My situation - this year I started twitch streamers career and its going alright so far.
I want to add my own chat bot there. An AI that learns as it interacts with the viewers and also remembers the previous conversions it had with the viewer.

With what do i start here?
I probably need a place where that AI would “grow”, a cloud or something? Could i do it with simple gmail cloud disk space ?
Dont want to invest a single cent in this though, since im just learning and experiencing.



Exactly what I want to do! I have the chatbot - just looking for the mechanisms to add some AI modules . .

Also doing my own chatbot, although I’m resistant to the idea of putting it on a server, unless I own the server myself. As much as I can, I prefer to make most of my chatbot available offline.

When Secure Scuttlebutt becomes a thing, I’m thinking of going that route.

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LWFlouisa, I guess you have a local personal AI in mind?
I played with google bert model. But there we miss the discussion history.
Did you found an open chatbot that we can use to devolp it further?

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Not find, so much as building, although I’m currently trying to merge it with Bianca4, which splits the AI into two brain halves: left brain and right brain.

One bug I’m running across: because the way memory is set up, if you already configured your name, pets, hobbies, jobs, skills, and weather to be something specific, it wont ask you if that’s still factual.

So I’m working on other things related more specifically to Natural Language Processing, until I can figure out how to resolve the issue.

On my youtube I have several tests up at the moment. Browser not letting me copy and paste links.

But currently I’m about to overhaul some chatbot things, and switching to a more text parsing like approach with bits of AI thrown in for casual off-hand comments:

greeting + player + request + item + for_from + neighbor (posessive neighbor) + place.

Similar in nature to text adventure text parsers.

Ex. Hello + player + can you get + some eggs + from + Betty’s + garage.

There is also an indev protocol for requesting skills and assistance, but that has a few bugs at the moment.