Agnostic Economies with Triple Entry Accounting

I’m sure some here have already encountered writings by Daniel Jeffries. He started a podcast, The Daily Posthuman, and listening to it reminded me of his interesting take on a possible feature of cryptocurrencies.

I highly recommend a listen to the episode in question. It discusses how cryptocurrencies can facilitate the emergence of incredibly strong and flexible economies. There might be some tidbits in there to inspire someone here.

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Hi @jirusu good selection, I’ll make some time this week and take a look.

Have you explored the rise of the corporation as a model for organizing production? Its really interesting, and given your comments here could be something you’d enjoy. If crypto goes truly mainstream in scope, it will disrupt society the same way the corporate structure did.

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I haven’t yet, but I did see the book mentioned in the show notes and I’m going to have a read. I have a degree in history and this falls right into my comfort zone.

The book Daniel refers to in the show notes is “The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea”.