Agix staking success in metamask but not showing in singularity net

I staked my agix token from metamask during the june window and it showed success but when i go to the staking portal of singularity net it showing my stake as 0… No idea what’s happening…i lost my money as gas fees to stake agix end result nothing… Can anyone help me…i need an answer as why it’s happening…

Try clearing your cookies on your browser. If that doesn’t work, either dm them on Twitter or telegram. Don’t post on telegram community page as scammers will lock onto you and pretend to be mods. Dm one of the mods directly there or on discord.

I have the same issue, was yours sorted out?


I have a similar issue. I was just connecting to the staking portal of with Metamask and I discovered that my AGI token (not yet staked) were gone and that the token AGIX balance was 0.
It was previously showing the correct balance.
Can anyone help me too?
Thanks and have a nice day.

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