AGIX Airdrop workflow

I’ve been faithfully following the instructions for registration for the Airdrop taking place between May and August this year.
Today 26-Jun I checked on the portal Home - SingularityDAO to check the status, to be informed that “This deployment requires authentication” - there is a form to input a password but no other information.
If I try to “Join the Community” I’m redirected to Telegram: Contact @SingularityDAO which 1. looks suspicious 2. does not offer a way to proceed to Telegram (the buttons do not function).
Can anyone advise me as to the correct procedure please?


The password screen is just an indication of maintenance on the site. Has your issue been resolved? The link in this post does lead to the official Telegram group, where did you find this not working?

For any continued issues with the airdrop portal you can send an email to

Thank you Zolgo, the issue appears to have been resolved and the links work now. I hope that if maintenance prevents access when I come to submit an Airdrop claim in August, there will be due consideration of an extension of the window or other intervention :slight_smile: