#AGICHAT The Future of Governance #Tim



Hi, Tim gave us a challenge, to create a new idea for a better government.
That is a good challenge, because the difficult it will be an adaptation capable to be accepted by majority of the countries.
The start should be in health, finance and education a system that could be accepted by different countries.
It will not be an easy task, because we (people) have very different ways to see the same problem.
We will need a very good neutral position that help everyone.
IT will be a challenge.


The United Nations finest hour?


Especially making decisions on all the public uses/needs will be a challenge without some kind of government (decision maker).

For example world wide laws on health, wealth, culture, climate, fresh air, infrastructure (roads and IT), distribution and so on.

Of course a kind of voting system worldwide would be a democratic way to make global decisions. However we are not an expert on every issue and can be influenced. So to each global matter it would be wise that only the qualified people vote for a decision. Next challenge who are the qualified honorable ones?


For short walking through the steps in the process of law making and replace each step where governance is mentioned to do the step replace it with ‘the most suitabke honoroble ones’. Voila the law is there.

Of course it has to be known by all people, and there must be room for people to bring changes to the table. But thats a technology solution.

As is the control of people following the law. Facial and other senses recognition can be used to do that.

As of money I like a credit based system. We can basically only spend what we have is my idea. It will be better for our nature and life on the planet too. PM and cryptos are great for it cause they are limited. So I hope our debt based fiat money system soon will be switched to a credit money system.