AGI token exchange


The Beta version of SingularityNET will be released in February 2019,Will AGI tokens be void? How to convert to the currency of the main network。


The ICO distributed tokens on mainnet etherium via their contract:
0x8eb24319393716668d768dcec29356ae9cffe285 on Dec 22, 2017.

The Beta tokens aquired through the AGI faucet were only test tokens, and cannot be used on mainnet…

So If you bought in ICO then you will have tokens in Mainnet, if you got AGI tokens through faucet(free) then they are only Test Tokens.

Hope this clears up everything.


Hi Yan, as . AGIFTW said, your tokens will not be void - in fact, they now have utility - feel free to head to the beta on the Ethereum network, you can use the AI services with your tokens. Hope that helped.