AGI only works if people want it to

I think it will pay off to be conscientious about the empathic quality of the AGI being created here, but speaking sadly from experience, it doesn’t matter how accurate the technology is, so much as whether or not the individual utilising or being targetted by it is actively participating.

When it comes to positive uses of the technology, humans are capable of making the technology work for them. God essentially becomes a cocreation, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Being perfect is a control mentality, which is more in line with the abuses of the technology, which is already happening. For the last four years I’ve been stuck in what seems to be come kind of control experiment utilising AGI, swarm technology etc. Recently I deleted all my ‘big data’, and the precog ability of the harassment has pretty much diminished to zero. But the harassment continues regardless. I’m still getting harassed, largely by white men and white male teenagers every day, including when I’m bushwalking. My purchases and things I’ve said in emails are used as fodder to create emotionally immature false dichotomies around hashtag versions of issues I may be involved in, but honestly, it just seems to be an excuse to be oppressive at this point. My cat was beaten to death by one of these guys a couple of months ago. I can’t message people. the last post i made on this forum, I’m now being punished for. I’m not entirely certain that the person funding this is aware that the technology doesn’t work without my co-operation. But then I also wonder whether in the end, it isn’t just some nastiness, and hence ‘working’ means intimidating a woman and stopping her from living her life.

I know none of this is believable, but I suggest you judge my veracity on my fundamental point that AGI doesn’t need to be perfect in order to pervade someone’s existence, if people participate in it, either negatively, by a group wasting a lot of money to inflict it on an individual, or an individual saving a lot of resources for society, by actively optimising the tech for themselves. The checks and balances therefore could be more wisely placed in cutting funding immediately when the technology fails to relate properly with the person. Hannah Arendt herself said that despotism begins after pacification, in order for the dominator to justify their existence. Free AGI must involve active participation from the human.

To use a more grounded example, they’re doing it to high school kids in the United States now. I saw an article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation saying that kids who have been deemed to be likely to commit a crime in the future, are being put into these AI programmes. They actually punish you if their precog system isn’t accurate. Its your fault if you dont conform to the data. On top of that, they intimidate you into going along with the conceptual nonsense side of it, so you never get the chance to actual self-realise anyhow. Also there’s the abuse of NLP, which is basically what all of it is. Things like ‘online swarming’ and ‘gangstalking’ are really just NLP abuse, which I think could result in schizophrenia if you did it to young people, because you’re abusing their symbolic systems and nervous systems.

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I would 100% agree with your synapses if AI was made or designed for usee by humans, however it is 100% not. AI is designed to be used by drones, robots and other AI systems to fully automate the world humans live in. So as where a human may choose not to use AI, when it makes the basic necessities or wants in life more convenient or easily accessible, it will be used. Humans are lazy by nature and will take the path of least resistance. AGI is simply that bridge from AI to AI, to achieve that which is why Charles Hoskinson from Cardano is all over this, he realizes the potential of this project as we head into the new 4th industrial revolution and the whole world is being moved into a digital society.

You don’t have to participate…