AGI learning/academia


I just want to run this idea by you all really quick. I know that it is over simplified but i’m hoping to convey a general concept.

What if I created a private blockchain for universities to transact student info, with permission from graduates. I’m surprised that universities don’t issue their own digital tokens of completion that cannot be traded but are aggregate proof of curriculum. Each token would be awarded in conjunction with a diploma on a private blockchain supported by all accredited universities in the world.

That way employers can, using Deep Machine Learning or AGI, easily verify all metrics of your academic performance including whether or not you actually graduated. This would maximize the efficiency of the hiring and recruitment process out if college, potentially eliminating the need for “head hunters.”

Do you think this could be of value? I have plenty of other ideas so let me know if this sounds like trash.


for me this sounds more like a verification system for online courses. In my opinion the future of learning is not universities/colleges, it’s platforms that offer courses (those could be online or offline). The problem with online courses is that they are not really verifiable. Your idea could fix that and give countless people, who don’t have the means to get that kind of education, the possibility to reliably show that they are skilled/educated in certain areas.
And then streamline the hiring process and eliminate recruiters.