AGI integration/partnerships


I just hope that when beta is released the focus in on UX as much as the underlying technology in the backend. The UX needs to be extremely simple to use for technical (and non-technical) community - user friendly - that will prompt adoption.

Also AGI token is needed for services but it should not always be a sawp of AGI token for the vendor/partner token. The system needs to be designed so that AGI platform can be used simply by paying in AGI tokens and the vendor can later encash those for USD through an exchange or get those exchanged to BTC and get those encashed at their exchange of liking for USD.


One last point - AGI seems like a promising project. As a layman (and a relatively non-technical person), I just hope this project accomplishes TWO things - thats the only way to get wide adoption and continual growth -

  1. Extremely simple, productive, and easy to use UX design.
  2. Some way to ensure continuity. ie some ability to reward the Agent but at the same time maintain agent’s anonymity ie else there is no reason for any big company to go through the AGI API for its next project if they identify the most well functioning Agent. They can contact the Agent directly for future work.