AGI Chairman -

The Consocio Fund’s Smart Equity allows you to in invest in Infrastructure Technologies and Science. The Stakehold is an equity instrument, carrying ownership interest build on Turing-complete blockchain, decentralized protocol offering a Smart Dividend and Voting Rights. Units of a Stakehold (above 1M) are transferable securities under Directive 2014/65/EU on markets in Financial Instruments, “MiiFID II”, negotiable in the capital market.

Stakeholders will be remunerated for performing work, either passive (generating data), or active (writing code, or developing industrial designs) with our native digital currency that can be exchanged in open markets. Each marketplace has its own e-Utility for each consisting industry generates value for the marketplace, for Stakeholders and Associate Partners. In return for that value, Stakeholders in Poverty gain access to Universal and Basic, e-Utilities.

Deploying Transformative AI on Top of Blockchain offers an opportunity to build identities for our Stakeholders agents enabling them to enter into complex agreements and to accumulate wealth by autonomous contracts and wallets, that learn, adapt and make sense of the world.

Our AGI Chairman will learn from 7.5B agents, running on decentralized processing substrate with access to resources, that learn in combination with how they affect the world to reach their objective(s).

Our Chairman is to have a legal personality and a robotic body like Sophia.

My background is in Private Equity and Law.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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A shared vision for 7.5 billion agents… That may take a little leadership. Any roadmap?

Agents refers to humans on earth in this case? Just guessing though …

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Yes, what do you suggest?

A cooperative structure…

Yes, one agent for every human. and every artificial agent