AGI and staking.. how to get started

Hello all, I’m completely new to SingularityNET and to the concept of cryptocurrency / AGI tokens / staking etc. I would like to support SingularityNET for the long-term, but the route seems obscure and risky to me. Is there a “best” way or only one way that the forum recommends please? i.e.:

  • create a Metamask wallet at
  • move some funds in, “transfer” to AGI (via BTC or other?)
  • access the staking portal with Chrome / Metamask…
    I would appreciate any tips, links etc. to help me navigate. Thanks!

Hello all,
After a month of research, effort and fees, I managed to get some AGI into a wallet.
I will HODL it for now because I have concerns - many raised on this forum - about the process, tools, fees and errors that may occur in getting through the Staking.

Like others, I will wait and look forward to the improved workflow on Cardano ADA :slight_smile: .