AGI and staking.. how to get started

Hello all, I’m completely new to SingularityNET and to the concept of cryptocurrency / AGI tokens / staking etc. I would like to support SingularityNET for the long-term, but the route seems obscure and risky to me. Is there a “best” way or only one way that the forum recommends please? i.e.:

  • create a Metamask wallet at
  • move some funds in, “transfer” to AGI (via BTC or other?)
  • access the staking portal with Chrome / Metamask…
    I would appreciate any tips, links etc. to help me navigate. Thanks!

Hello all,
After a month of research, effort and fees, I managed to get some AGI into a wallet.
I will HODL it for now because I have concerns - many raised on this forum - about the process, tools, fees and errors that may occur in getting through the Staking.

Like others, I will wait and look forward to the improved workflow on Cardano ADA :slight_smile: .


Hi there! I am in the same boat. Had not stakes Agi perviously, but just got some Agix and will wait until staking on cardano becomes available. Downloaded Metamask wallet, but have not yet xfered the coins. Will wait and see.

RSXD1 - I wish you better luck :slightly_smiling_face: