Add password confirmation / show option to the account creation

Could you add an option to show the entered password / password confirmation field to avoid setting an unintended password?


Thank you for your request! We tried to minimize the number of steps people have to go through to register on the forum. What often occurs is that people use an automatically generated password (e.g. iCloud passwords), or they try to copy-paste their password in the password confirmation field, or they think it is annoying they have to retype it.

Most users save their passwords for a website on their device or use the same password for every account they have (super bad practice btw, if you are someone who does this stop doing it now :stuck_out_tongue:), so the number of people that are forgetting their password is relatively small. We thought perhaps it would be a better idea to let these people easily reset their password via email when they need to. In this way, people will not have to take an extra step and the one who forgets their password can just simply reset it again - so it saves some time/steps at registration which is always good in my opinion.

However, I would like to make use of another cool feature of the forum and create a poll to see what others think of this. I will leave this topic open for a while and people can have a vote below if they want :smile:. We can reconsider the choice afterwards if necessary.

  • Add a password confirmation field
  • Leave it and let users reset password via email if necessary

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Understood. Totally makes sense and I’m curious how the vote goes. I’m used to the more lenghty password creation process.
By the way, I like password creation pages that encourage users to choose strong passwords by showing colours from red to green or something like that.
And I don’t like password creation pages with arbitrary character restrictions that mess up my memorization system. :sweat_smile:

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