Account confirmation button


It seems odd that I got the email to confirm my account creation after already having posted in the forum.

Also on the confirmation page “click on the link below” is inaccurate as one has to click on the button with this text.


Aah right… I suspect the first is because I invited you to the forum as an admin. I will come back to this and test again when we have the forum set to public to see if the same issue will occur. Right now, everybody should be automatically confirmed/accepted as I as an admin invited them, and the account confirmation email should probably not be sent. Furthermore, the rules around restrictions etc. are also a bit different until we reach 50 users.

Re: button --> fixed it :smile:!


I will close this topic and reopen a new topic for the account confirmation issue :blush:. Please report one issue/bug per topic, makes it easier to keep an overview :smile:.