Account confirmation after I already posted on the forum


Repost issue (to split issues per topic):


It seems odd that I got the email to confirm my account creation after already having posted in the forum.

I will check this when I set the forum to public. As I said it should be because I invited you as an admin that the restriction was immediately removed :wink:. Also, first 50 users on the forum are not as much restricted (e.g. less confirmations and limits etc.) due to bootstrapping mode. The 51th user will not have immediately the same privileges as you. They will first need to confirm, post a couple of times before being able to do some things like DMing, etc. to prevent spam as well.


Ah, I see. Will the restrictions / permissions be part of the badge system? Or is there another way to see one’s status?


So this was because I invited you all the restrictions were lifted :blush:. The restrictions are lifted throughout time depending on how many posts you have posted, days on the forum, etc. On your profile you should see “trust level: basic user” indicating your level :).

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