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As technology is rapidly changing the world around us and in the near future, technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades.

Therefore the very nature of our education system must change to adapt as we accelerate toward the world of the future. We need to ensure we are providing our children with the skills necessary to deal with the future of work, as well as also helping them as individuals to attain their fullest potential.

So how will the future of education look like?

Remote Learning

In the future of education, e-learning tools will enable effective remote, self-paced learning where the theoretical part of a subject could be learned remotely. The classroom will be more focused on the practical side of the subject where interaction is necessary. In some cases, learning could be organized entirely remote.

Personalized Learning

Adaptable study tools will help students learn at their level of attainment, and students will be challenged with harder tasks when a certain level is achieved. Students who find a subject difficult will get the opportunity to practice more until they reach the required level.

Preparation for the Freelance Economy

As we move away from the idea of working in a singular career, and as careers are adapting to the future freelance economy, students will have to learn to adapt to project-based learning and working. They will have to learn how to apply their skills in a variety of situations and dynamically adapt their way of working as needed.

Field experience

As automation is implemented to do many of the jobs that exist today, the type of subjects we are taught will change and the standard curriculum will make room for skills that solely require human knowledge and face-to-face interaction.

Exams Exit Left!

Exams, as they are sat today in a traditional sense may become obsolete as remote courseware platforms will assess students capabilities in new ways. As technology already allows us to obtain the answer to almost any question instantaneously, it will be the application of knowledge that would be tested and not the knowledge of facts.

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