A little boy named Yulen fell down a well and is awaiting rescue


In Spain , a 2 year old boy has tragicallyfallen down a well that is 360 feet deep and 10 inches wide. “The hole is 360 feet deep and only about 10 inches wide. A robotic camera made it 229 feet below the surface.”

What is needed is a robotic arm with audio and visual to be able to see while grasping the child.

AI could quickly assist in design and fabricate the device. These things happen from time to time, and tech is increasingly becoming an important search and rescue resource.

The unique characteristic about these types of events, is that they galvanize large groups of people, and bring us together as a community. I have been buried alive, though for a short time, and my strongest memory is how many people were there when I came to.

The boys in the cave in Thailand, Baby Jessica, and other stories certainly illustrate how speed and rapid fabrication is what is needed. The people in Spain could sure use a particular robotic device right now.


This incident ended in tragedy. The scale of the operation combined with geology of the hillside made it a tedious process.
From an earth works perspective, the slope would seem to provide an advantage, as obviously working from a flat surface would have been even more difficult.
Miniaturized drilling equipment, and robotic arm with grasping ability would have improved the chances of saving the child.
This entire case was full of anomalies. The most glaring is the size of the hole. The last report I saw, had the hole at 9 inches in diameter, and most reports had the depth at 350 - 360 feet deep. That is quite a tight fit it would seem for a two year old child. Another oddity, aside from the lack of casing or lid, was the blockage at 240 feet, which the first robotic device encountered.
My interest in this case had another anomalous twist, in that it occurred on a precise point in time. In two separate calendars, both with specific associations with “the well”, one had it on the precise day of the 'well" 1 out of 20, and the other in a 30 day period associated with the “well”.
Either way, in the end, it is tools that have the chance to change the outcome, and in some cases , they need to be fabricated or modified quickly.
This was 12 years ago. snake robot

timing is everything