A.I Reputation on SingularityNet

I just wanted to say. Everything seems to be progressing great and I’m loving all the presentations. In my opinion the reputation of the various A.I’s on the platform needs to be discussed and explained to the public more. This way people don’t think random A.I’s that do nefarious things will get into the AGI. I understand how the reputations of the A.I’s will develop in a beneficial, benevolent way through the voting mechanisms on the SingularityNet run on blockchain. I just don’t think it’s being discussed or explained to the public well enough right now.

Just my opinion.

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Well that, and to me what stuff like Secure Scuttlebutt operates on is a better alternative as well: it operates just as well offline on your own computer, and you can connect back online to sync up with the data again.

Much of my own anxiety has to do with what would happen in case of an internet outage.

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