Why do humans need work?

Supply chain…

Bespoke… love it! I do a bit of rustic woodcraft. Each item is an artifact…

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A balance between pleasure and purpose. Well said. Ok for some but not all. We do believe in Universal (Unbiased) Basic Artificial Intellegence for all. As Dr Ben has indicated, the socio/political challenges a very real. This will produce a machine not a toy. Work not play!

Work is the foundation of merit. It cannot be faked.

The work is finding a sustainable equilibrium between purpose and pleasure… work is an objective term when defined purely by purpose. Is there any merit in taking pleasure from your ‘work’? :slight_smile:

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Work is the measure of energy expended factoring in inertia. I think that’s the bottom line… :slight_smile: The global warming trend would strongly indicate we have problems with both the quantity and quality of human activity. So, less work!

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I’m reminded a little bit of the videos by this one guy on youtube, where he makes all these wild unfounded claims deep learning can apparently do.

You might be able to fool an untrained eye with machine written text, but you’re not going to fool a trained editor, generally speaking. Because they’re usually looking for more than just “wow, the machine pretended to write some text”.

And as someone who knows how such “text generators” work, essentially ripping off content from multiple sources called datapoints, I don’t think writers are in any danger of being replaced any time soon.

Sense cannot be made in a pseudo-random manner.

And this brings me to work, I think before most people will be convinced to abandon their crafts, they need to be convinced that the output they’ll get is more than some cookie cutter procedure.

There are other little things, like why it’s good to still know how to cook, even if a robot can do it for you, in case the electrical grid goes down. Humans are a unique robot, because they function well enough without electricity.


Artificially Augmented Organic Intellegence should help us to
develop our individual work/life balance in sustainable ways.
I think a lot of us humans kinda like low end Tech, work n all… spokeshave or laserpen. Choose your weapon. :slight_smile:


Yea augmentation I’m for completely.

Admittingly for certain tasks more sentimentally: I legitimately feel like ( as in the case of an actual artificial brain ) I would feel drastically different viewing the AI as my own child for example.

(A lot of what I’m developing now is in this direction.)

Differently from anti-automation I mean. The merits of AI really depend on how you use / nurture them anyway.


Sure, the challenge is to know our own nature and to carefully nurture AI with a benevolent bias… not a perfect fit with the human condition at present… we really need to see cooperation over competition first in humans. We may otherwise get the ai we deserve… (not so good).

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