Staking didn't work but see transaction in Etherscan

Hey everyone.

I attempted to stake my AGI Tokens this morning. I’m using MetaMask.

I entered the amount to stake, submitted, and MetaMask asked me to confirm/pay gas. I paid the gas/confirmed but the staking site never indicated success.

I tried this twice and both time was charged the gas without having my tokens staked.

Here is the Etherscan for one of my two attempts. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.


I just had the same problem today!
Got the ETH for gas… tried to stake and got stuck for good 15 minutes. then metamask shows no messages but the fees were deducted from my total.oh yes they did…
So dissapointed in metamask and etherium network. Hope Singularity migrates to cardano soon, I like the project but ETH sucks

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So… I learned how to check the etherscan of the transaction… after the 3rd try I think it went through… it says it was succesful… but I see no change in the staking portal.

Reading the Stake tutorial I understand that it won’t show if you are staking until the window closes and staking begins… I guess its a matter of time now to see if it actually went through or not. Either way I am so feed up with the Etherium network and Metamask … how awful can cryptio get for a newcomer? well… there it is… I just sold all my Ether on Binance cause I dont want to do anything with that crap ever again (I’ll keep some on other wallets so the miners can keep eating)

I guess we’ll see when the window closes if it actually worked.

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I had the same problem!!! :cold_sweat:

Same problemed here…

Well, mine never did get staked even though I was charged the Gas. Bummer to since it turns out the SingDAO air drop is going to reward stakers explicitly. I guess I’ll miss out on that.

Hi everyone, sorry you guys didn’t get to be a part of this month’s staking, but there will be future opportunities. Please have a look at these resources to prepare for when the staking window re-opens:

Staking AGI is available on

How it works (+calculator):


Staking windows: Staking dates 9 march 2021 - 16 may 2021 (these will be updated as we go along)

Tutorial video:

Same problems. did you get this resolved? if so how? thanks