Is reality objective or subjective?

There is good and there is evil. What those are is objective. As humans we absolutely cannot comprehend that. We make subjective rules about good and evil. But without the word of God we’re really clueless.

The world is a crazy place to live in.
The mind is a crazy place to experience it from

for me reality is like a blockchain. this reality blockchain contains the valid reality. every subject in the reality mines the reality. can there be a 51% attack on reality? perhaps if someone understands how subjects (atoms, organisms, planets, galaxies etc.) mine the reality perhaps it is possible to attack reality (change the past). i can live in my own reality, my own reality blockchain, which is linked to a lower level blockchain which is linked to a even lower level blockchain and so on. reality is consensus and everyone has access to this data if you are running the correct node (connection to the different reality blockchains)

The observer effect…
Turning risk management into safety…

'just a little pin prick"

It’s both. All opposites need integration and separation. Obviously. Can we move on?

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Reality is subjective. There are no objects in Reality.

All mental and physical phenomena arise and pass within Awareness (yes this realm is a “simulation”). The Awareness (that you are) is Absolute; Self-sufficient, Self-sustaining, Self-fulfilling.

The misinterpretation of this realm being fundamental reality is the source of all suffering.

If it is entirely subjective, and entirely self sustaining, and self fulfilling, what possible purpose or reason would there be to comment on it ? Thus, by doing so, displaying need for external sustenance.

It is the illusion that requires the Absolute for it’s relative existence.

There is no way to make the mind understand the Absolute. The Absolute becomes apparent in the absence of thought.