Dark Mode for the Forum

The possibility to switch to a dark mode on the forum instead of light colors.

(post created by @ibby and assigned ownership to @Input_output_System)

As a temporary workaround you may

  1. Install Stylish https://userstyles.org/
  2. Search and install a theme that you like, such as RF F | Userstyles.org
  3. Got to “Manage All Styles” (in the 3 vertical dots menu)
  4. Edit the desired style, change the “URLs on the domain” to “community.singularitynet.io”. Don’t forget to save.


Thank you for your suggestion! There actually secretly already is a dark mode style on the forum, but it is not enabled yet as it is not yet adjusted to the current custom light mode style. I think as soon as we settled a bit on the style for the forum, I will make sure to do the dark mode as fast as possible.