Why is the light-year long pole hypothesis wrong?


At one time when contemplating time travel and the effects of light speed on matter, I came up with as most do when thinking about this kind of thing, the light-year long pole hypothesis.

The postulation goes something like this.

If you were to build a pole of immense strength, of the densest of materials you could make an object from. Then if you were to make this pole very very long, say from here to say one light year away.

What would happen if you pushed one end of the pole, in your mind’s eye the other end of the pole would also move as you pushed, this way you could send information faster than light….

Wrong… :slight_smile:

The reason this doesn’t work is due to the fact that information in the traditional sense does not travel faster than light. So when you push at one end of the pole, the information has to travel down the pole and you get something called a compression wave down the pole, if you like when you push the pole what you are doing is sending a wave down the pole to the other end.

The following youtube clip using a slinky demonstrates this very very well. Notice how the slinky appears to be completely stationary at the end with nothing to keep it up…. That is because it has not yet received the information that it is falling.


The early Theosophists believed only thought can travel faster than light. Any of the stars in the sky may have ceased to exist a thousand years ago…


The only thing that is perhaps as fast as light shuld be the time space itself and if you move the pole you will only be able to send the information with the speed of light or the changing time space changed by the pole.
There is a possibility that eventually still can send information in an instant from wherever light years away you eventually are but for that you need to travel there with a device first.
That would be entanglement of quantum particles. Why this works still not know but if you change something on one particle the other particle entangled to the first one is bound to change to the same position the previous one was changed to.
The most interesting theory why this eventually happens is that those quantum particles are bound together by connecting trought a wormhole or probably by other dimensions we still not able to comprehend yet as we lack the knowledge and technology to understand such phenomenon yet


The longer the pole the greater the redshift. We tend towards a anthropocentric view of the universe.


I posted this in the AGI Philophosers group on Telegraph, and although it is a bit of a crowd fund for Quantum Gravity Research, it is worth watching because some of the theory kind of refutes some general relativity beliefs. One of those, is that the speed of light is constant. It isn’t. It was decided in the early part of last century that they would pin a constant value on it so that other theories could be measured against it.

This work by Quantum Gravity Research is controversial, but worth peeking at. They have more mathematical YouTube videos posted under their channel for those here who would want to evaluate their theory of consciousness being a ‘code’.