Why is it taking over 6 months to develop a roadmap?


I feel like this should have been planned before the ico. In early April (two months ago) Ben came on telegram saying that the updated technical roadmap will be released in a few weeks… and still no official update from the team. why is it taking so long and why can’t the team just pick a Blockchain like eos and just develop on it for the time being. I understand that the team want to be able to operate on multiple platforms but they know for a fact that ethereum is not scalable, yet they are still developing a beta on it… it seems like they are wasting resources. I want to know why they don’t pick a scalable Blockchain like eos that is releasing in a couple months and can we have a deadline for the roadmap?


“ethereum is not scalable”, correct - but it’s still fine until the network demands another infrastructure.
“just pick a Blockchain like eos”…I rather see it on etherium then, why would you want it to run on EOS, do you have any technical analysis of why EOS would be the blockchain for AGI?
But I agree that a sprint roadmap would be nice for us to see, and as I am aware they are going to release a roadmap like that soon (other posts talked about it)


We do have roadmap in the whitepaper, but we will publish an updated one soon. As to the question of which blockchain we will be using this is a very complex question actually, and this decision will likely not be made this year. The reason we cannot just “hop” onto a different blockchain is several:

  1. First we need to complete proof-of-concept. What we are doing has never been done before, so this means extensive research and testing needed before you could conclude that “this is the way to do it”.
  2. We need to test out (e.g. in simulations/containers) how to best optimize AI-to-AI communication in a marketplace where we have numerous different creators and outputs.

Simply said there are just too many unanswered questions that need extensive research. So first research, answer all the questions, understand well how an AI-to-AI economy should take shape by simulating it as well and learning from it… then you can create the right technological protocol or layer for it in the shape of a blockchain or pick an existing one. At this moment we are not yet confident there is an existing blockchain that could actually handle our current demands. That is why it is also not clear yet if we would go for a native blockchain or an existing one. If there also will not be an existing one in the future that could potentially handle it, we will need to build it ourselves.


The groundwork for HTTP wasnt laid in a day. Once there is a viable proof of concept in December, existing partnerships with other blockchains can begin to be explored.