Why A.I. Need Blockchain to Evolve.

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Hi Max,

I read your story on Medium. Tried to respond but apparently I am considered not worthy because it says that only members of your group are allowed to respond. Most of what you say in this article is correct, but I find it interesting that you say “you don’t invest in PoW coins”, but at the same time pontificate for distributed AI training. You do realize that current PoW mining algorithms are exactly what will evolve into AI training algorithms, don’t you? In other words, today’s generation 1 mining algorithms are very, very simplified forms of the incentivizing structure for allocating the distributed computational power necessary to train AIs. Or have you not considered this?

You can not separate PoW mining from AI. They are the same process, even if it is still very early. Think about it. What is a cryptomining algorithm? It is solving a trapdoor function that is easy to verify, but very hard to solve. What is the human level equivalent of this that we meat bodies have been using in society for thousands of years? Answer: Education. Takes a long time to teach someone how to do something, but it is very easy to see that they know how to do it. That is exactly a trapdoor function. That is what AI training is. That is also what PoW mining is. It is just so early in the process you don’t see the parallels yet.

If you really support the idea of distributed AI learning, you should reconsider your position on PoW mining. Don’t kill the fetus before it can evolve into the organism you want. Blastocysts may not look very much like human infants, but if you give them time to grow and differentiate, you will see that eventually it forms into what you are waiting for. But you do need to supply a nurturing womb for it to mature or it probably won’t survive.

For Hago Energetics Xprize carbon sequestraion system, Our Carbon sequestration systems use is almost 100% M2M and must be offline for security. its why i liked IPFS we also use DTN protocol into FOG networks to process in house away from nosiey cloud networks and with lower latencey. So concenred why only blockchain is used. We can use IOTA tangle offline or Ark.io im told but then need a bridge chain to erc20 and AGI Correct? do not want any Proof of work coins since it defeats our purpose of being Carbon negaitve. Do not mind the speed bumb at trailing end of our systems but cannot slow down processes of complex chemisty receipes.

also any bridge planned into EXO economy ?

It needs to be able to evolve online, but it also needs an offline backup in cases its web system goes to digital smithereens do to a thunderstorm. So you have both things backing each other up so you’re never at a loss of communication.

Secure Scuttlebutt is usually the analogy I use, where you can still do social media posts offline in your own self-hosted feed, but can sync it back up online so you can communicate with the wider world.

im using IOTA now as proof of Capacity and then Carbon credits are signed in a smartcontract as proof of reputation but both are done offline no internet connection wanted. this is M2m so all data is moved over a DTN protocal into a Fog network we will have more AI agents deployed locally do thetasks but none can connect to a cloud . as Carbon credits are created they then get signed and moved tfrom fog network to a cloud to sync across a erc20 bridgechain to be sold etc. but mining would render system usless for keeping carbon credits. lt is backed up at intervals but blockcain and mining cannot be used as it defeats our purpose of creating carbon credits to sell.