Why A.I. Need Blockchain to Evolve.



Hi Max,

I read your story on Medium. Tried to respond but apparently I am considered not worthy because it says that only members of your group are allowed to respond. Most of what you say in this article is correct, but I find it interesting that you say “you don’t invest in PoW coins”, but at the same time pontificate for distributed AI training. You do realize that current PoW mining algorithms are exactly what will evolve into AI training algorithms, don’t you? In other words, today’s generation 1 mining algorithms are very, very simplified forms of the incentivizing structure for allocating the distributed computational power necessary to train AIs. Or have you not considered this?

You can not separate PoW mining from AI. They are the same process, even if it is still very early. Think about it. What is a cryptomining algorithm? It is solving a trapdoor function that is easy to verify, but very hard to solve. What is the human level equivalent of this that we meat bodies have been using in society for thousands of years? Answer: Education. Takes a long time to teach someone how to do something, but it is very easy to see that they know how to do it. That is exactly a trapdoor function. That is what AI training is. That is also what PoW mining is. It is just so early in the process you don’t see the parallels yet.

If you really support the idea of distributed AI learning, you should reconsider your position on PoW mining. Don’t kill the fetus before it can evolve into the organism you want. Blastocysts may not look very much like human infants, but if you give them time to grow and differentiate, you will see that eventually it forms into what you are waiting for. But you do need to supply a nurturing womb for it to mature or it probably won’t survive.