Where do I begin in Python?

Most of my programming experience is in Ruby, and I’m not terribly sure how much of it will carry over into helping out with project like OpenCog in Python. ( I’m assuming it’s a python framework. )

Python might end up only being like a second language at this point, but in ruby I’m finding a happy medium between randomly generated content, and content with a set structure. Where only certain elements are picked at random, rather than the entire structure.

A lot of my methods come from building my own Ruby gems, is there an equivalent to Gems in Python?

( In practice, my projects have lately been a fusion of different languages, from Ruby, HTML / CSS, Shell, and a little bit of Crystal. Python is close enough to Ruby as to be confusing for me. )

I’d go into more, but I’m not sure how much is going to change, as I either refine a chatbot, or completely defactor chatbots.